looking for perspective

the weather is lovely, the food is good but tomorrow real world starts again.
Last time to dream, now.

hat: h&m, shirt: Samar commune, red velvet belt: grandma, pants: warehouse, bracelet: h&m


let's talk about it

boyfriend jeans.
I work in a pretty big jeans place, where I see tons of denim and other stuff.
The most worn jeans or pants at the moment in my city is the chino,
now followed persistent from the boyfriend jeans.

I worn pants from my boyfriend before but this what we sell in the stores
is definitely no boyfriend pants, unless your boyfriend is a thin emo who's wearing very slim fit pants.
This so called "boyfriend" are a pain in the ass.

So don't run out and buy that shit, ask your boyfriend, maybe he can help.
If not here is a nice and more true jeans if you like a loose fit.

jeans: nikita, awesome bag: thailand and thanks to Hendrik, jacket: ragwear
p.s. sorry for the bad pics


on the run.

caught on the street, after a long day.
Soon I have some more to photos, thanks to our almighty sun which is coming back!!!
Till then I wish u all the best!


! destruction !

Busy weekend. Found an awesome setting.

Hat: H&M, Blazer: Second Hand, Hippieblouse: Second Hand, Jacket: Vintage(von Omi), Knitdress: Missoni, 
Shoes: Harlot, Bally & Rocket Dog


another year passed by for me


25 years and still searching for the right thing to do. Where is my naked girl in the fancy cake?


what happened...

    the Streets

                                                 fluffy resistance in Stuttgart      

    and still is just covered in snow

    travelling and gettin married in denmark 

    somewhere beyond everything

On the way to learn for life and floating in colour streams, soon you'll see.
Sending you self-made postcards.

lomo and I


the sky is crying

I haven't blogged for days and it feels like eternity. I'm sitting in our new flat, cardboard mountains growing over me and the grey of the kitchen is now white.

I'm now going to work for two weeks with 75 children, but after that I'm back with fresh energy!
I hope u all good!

Thank you all for reading, missing the blogging. Kisses to all of you! <3


Saying goodbye.

A year is over and I'm moving back to Germany. Everything is packed and I'm going to say goodbye!

Goodbye Israel, goodbye Tel Aviv and all the craziness. I gonna miss you! We had a lot of fun.

photos by me


In memory of Josef Frank

Today he would be 125 years old! Josef Frank was an outstanding architect from Vienna who significantly influenced a typically Viennese, moderately modern form of New Objectivity in the 1920s and 1930s and also made marvelous furniture and fabrics. Let's have a toast for this special man!


your perfect bag

Everytime I'm on a fashion exhibition in Germany I dream about gettin one of these bags. They look like bags we were wearing in school long long time ago. It's a German lable called Haeute "Skins", which makes this beautiful bags out of leather. But there's more to come! On their site you can choose everything! The size, colours, clasps, thread and the inside. That suits me fine, cause I like to play with colours. And if you want to know how your bag could look like, you can create your bag directly on their site.I think on the next Dekumo in Stuttgart I need to say YES, cause I really really adore this bags.

And you should take a look on tweets blog for the Tatty Devine Competition! Awesome jewellery!


bored and broke

Almost all my clothes are in my bagpack, all my shoes in a plastic bag and then in 7 days im off! So I decided to do something with me and the felt which was still lying around in my room. At the end of the crafting hour I had a watermelon and a strange leaf in my hands. And there is still felt left. Maybe some of you, my dearest readers have some good ideas?



stripes stripes stripes

My favorite dress, this time in dark grey, light grey, rose and white on me. Yeah, it is hot & humid. Just 10 days left till I go back, so excited about my new apartment. Back to Germany. Wow.


enjoying the light

Ali Lagarde
I love these pictures from Richard Bernardin for Dress to Kill Magazin. Beautiful woman, beautiful underwear, beautiful light and scenery. And yes, she's hot.

This here would be my outfit for Las Vegas. Gambling. And win a lot of money.
Milad Sahafzadeh photographing Sylvia Geersen.
Let's go to Vegas!


flower power

I was always a fan of huge, flashy earrings. The more the merrier. But when I saw these gorgeous "small" earrings I couldn't resist. The beautiful colour and the flowers are the perfect combo. Just when you try to use a phone or you gettin a kiss on the cheek they are really annoying, but hey, who cares?