looking for perspective

the weather is lovely, the food is good but tomorrow real world starts again.
Last time to dream, now.

hat: h&m, shirt: Samar commune, red velvet belt: grandma, pants: warehouse, bracelet: h&m


let's talk about it

boyfriend jeans.
I work in a pretty big jeans place, where I see tons of denim and other stuff.
The most worn jeans or pants at the moment in my city is the chino,
now followed persistent from the boyfriend jeans.

I worn pants from my boyfriend before but this what we sell in the stores
is definitely no boyfriend pants, unless your boyfriend is a thin emo who's wearing very slim fit pants.
This so called "boyfriend" are a pain in the ass.

So don't run out and buy that shit, ask your boyfriend, maybe he can help.
If not here is a nice and more true jeans if you like a loose fit.

jeans: nikita, awesome bag: thailand and thanks to Hendrik, jacket: ragwear
p.s. sorry for the bad pics