black & white

Tonight is the concert of Karolina who is making beautiful music in hebrew and english. I found this absolut brilliant video from her song "sorry charlie" which is painted by Williams Shamir. If you like Art, Fashion, good music & Charlie, you shouldn't miss to take a look on it. I love it, it's a perfect example how to draw fashion. Hope you like it!                                         Barby in Tel Aviv 10 p.m.



Still don't have all the pictures from our fotoshoot, thanks to non working laptops.
But received that today... funny. Thanks to my photographer Jana Zalonis.

In love with Wendy

She's an amazing photographer, her pictures telling storys, the light is always magical and the scenery is adorable. I would love to work with her! One day when I'm all grown up...

Wendy Bevan                                                                                                                 22days remaining


let's face the truth

I love high heels. I love to have them in my closet. But I don't love to wear them, cause after 2 hours I would like to crop my feets from my legs and I'm simply too big with them. Everyone is just smaller all of a sudden. Don't get me wrong, I  have some really awesome Highheels which I adore and sometimes wear, but the rest is just flats, sneakers, ballerinas, old men shoes and boots. And this plateau/wedge fashion at the moment, totally not my thing. I don't wanna be a giant. That's why I finally ordered my boots which I was watching for the last few weeks. I'm so excited! New boots and I'm gettin my closet back! Just 23 days, and I'm going home. Wow.Can't wait to open the asos package and put these babys on in my new appartment.


can't decide

This is going to be hard, cause one of these wallpapers should go on a wall in my new appartment.
But which one? 5qm.de has absolutely fantastic wallpapers, that makes it really hard to decide.
I would love to order some dresses with these patterns...


the streets of hertzelia

Israeli fashion is different, more hippie, casual or kinky, just a bit of fabric and short no matter how you look like. This girl delighted me with her awesome bag which looks like an old seventies radio.
Big glasses, top, american apperal dress, flip flops and ankle bracelets, welcome to the summer.

hospital trash

I visited somebody in the hospital, and the nurses were wearing these funny white tunic with blue squares.
3 days after that I spotted this tunic outside on the parking lot of the hospital! Lucky day for me, here I draped it as an bolero, not sure yet what exactly to make out of it.
And yes, of course, fresh washed.

 tunic-hospital, shirt-from the bazar, pants-flea market in amsterdam, shoes-bronx,
earrings-ciaobobby, glasses-diesel


old memories

While walking around in the city, waiting for a doctor's appointment, my boyfriend who has an eye for "trash" spotted an old metal box behind a fence. An old box of Rothmans King Size - the best tobacco money can buy- world famous since 1890. We were so excited to open the box, like a treasure which was kept the last 50 years. And inside of the box?

An old collection of matchboxes from the seventies! Feel like Relic Hunter...
These boxes are so beautiful, thinking about doing a matchbox installation, waiting for some ideas to come.
But aren't they beautiful???


searching for water...

It's hot. And humid. The only thing my mind can think about is to lay down in cold water or to sit in the fridge and drink some ice-cold ginger ale. Clothes are needless. Unless you're under water. Like these beautiful ladys in their charming dresses photographed by Alix Malka. Sometimes I wish I was a mermaid. Waiting for the seasons to come back...


let's go hiking with style

I promised to go hiking. The Black Forest is waiting for us and I just tripped over the perfect bag!
The Japanese brand nanamica is working together with the Norther Face on their Purple Lable Collection, which is awesome. Colours, patterns, unique styling for an outdoor brand. I would love to have this bag, but they are just available in Japan...damn. Who is going some time soon to Japan and can bring me this wonderful bag?



afternoon at the beach

Passionfruit with Vodka, Stella beer, Whiskey and the sea. A lot of naked skin, stupid tiny jellyfishes and sand. Our waiter was wearing this incredible vest from India which I really adore. Maybe I should go back there and ask if he wants to dump it cause I need this vest.
Wish you all a nice weekend!


my new toy

I already wrote about "Mull Halul", but not what I found there... So here is my new baby. It's a huge raffia bag, with a really nice pattern, a leathertop that you can close and leather handholds. It's so big that I could carry my cat and all his little friends. Now I need in my bag small bags to find all my stuff. But hey, I don't care cause this bag is exactly what I want. And all that for around 15€, what else could I ask for?


washed-out colours

Wendy Bevan is one of my favorite photographers, her pictures are impressive, the colours are stunning.
I really love those washed-out colours. They let me daydream...
italien mary claire june 2010

Streetart Tel Aviv

For some Artists Tel Aviv is like Wonderland, so much beautiful free space, old buildings fallin apart...
Perfect for some Streetart! Here some of the Israeli Artists around my quarter Florentin.




photos: by Diamant (Canon AE1)


Timeless jewelry

I found this beautiful necklace on a market in Hertzelia. This nice piece is made out of old watch parts and every piece is handmade and one of a kind. This young talented man is making out of trash, wonderful, moony jewelry. There is something for everybody, if you're a man or woman, it doesn't matter, cause he has earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pocketwatches and rings for all genders. I'm official a fan now! Probably you too, soon. Steampunk Jewelry - DoBerMan Follow my blog with bloglovin

Going back home

We found an apartment. Back in the west of Stuttgart, in a house from 1902. I'm so excited...Tuss our lovely fashionable cat, my wonderful boyfriend and I are going to move! In around a month, what sounds like eternity, we're flying back over the sea. He's going to carry a cat and I'm going to carry clothes...a lot of clothes. But till then we have some time, which we use for finding the perfect phone. These two made it in the last round, the red highheel or the green apple? What do you think???


second hand heaven

I expected something fantastic, but what I found just knocked my socks off. It was beautiful and idyllic. The hippie in me felt instantly comfortable, cause this lovely store is located in the Kibbutz Givat Haim Ichud, close to Natanya, and I really like this way of living together. "Mull Halul" - what means - across the chicken-coop, is really a gold mine. They have dresses and asseccoires from all over the world and all time. For me, it was almost too much. It's like you're 5 years old and your mummy tells you that you're allowed to play with all the dolls in the show glass. From Art nouveau weddingdresses and coats, sixties clothes to eighties shiny shoulder stuff, beautiful nightwear and bags. For me it was a complete success, but I'm starting to get worried about my suitcase weight...cause I always forget that I want to take all my clothes back. That's why I have now an official, don't buy more clothes note. Damn!