old memories

While walking around in the city, waiting for a doctor's appointment, my boyfriend who has an eye for "trash" spotted an old metal box behind a fence. An old box of Rothmans King Size - the best tobacco money can buy- world famous since 1890. We were so excited to open the box, like a treasure which was kept the last 50 years. And inside of the box?

An old collection of matchboxes from the seventies! Feel like Relic Hunter...
These boxes are so beautiful, thinking about doing a matchbox installation, waiting for some ideas to come.
But aren't they beautiful???


  1. The one from Acre - I remember very well, was in my matchbox collection, too ... aaah .
    EL AL from the other side - right?
    Dunes - Las Vegas?

  2. ... the white dove is beautiful, too ...


Yeah, thank you a lot for your comment!love dafnadiamant