second hand heaven

I expected something fantastic, but what I found just knocked my socks off. It was beautiful and idyllic. The hippie in me felt instantly comfortable, cause this lovely store is located in the Kibbutz Givat Haim Ichud, close to Natanya, and I really like this way of living together. "Mull Halul" - what means - across the chicken-coop, is really a gold mine. They have dresses and asseccoires from all over the world and all time. For me, it was almost too much. It's like you're 5 years old and your mummy tells you that you're allowed to play with all the dolls in the show glass. From Art nouveau weddingdresses and coats, sixties clothes to eighties shiny shoulder stuff, beautiful nightwear and bags. For me it was a complete success, but I'm starting to get worried about my suitcase weight...cause I always forget that I want to take all my clothes back. That's why I have now an official, don't buy more clothes note. Damn!


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