In memory of Halina Jakubowski 30.8.1922 - 6.1.2009

Already with 4 years I learned that the best dressed woman was my grandma, no one else had such a sense for colours, shapes, patterns and cuts. When I was about 10, her wardrobe with all the hats, dresses, bags, jewelry and shoes was just pure madness. There was nothing better. And to show you all what a fashionable woman my grandma was, I decided to pay hommage to her in my blog.

ca. 1959 in Israel

One of my favorite pieces, is this this tiny delicate gold watch which I received from my grandma and I actually wear it every day cause you should always know what time it is! And the best part of the clock, it's automatic, sometimes it just stops the time. And that is a nice feeling...

ca. 1953 in Polen

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