let's face the truth

I love high heels. I love to have them in my closet. But I don't love to wear them, cause after 2 hours I would like to crop my feets from my legs and I'm simply too big with them. Everyone is just smaller all of a sudden. Don't get me wrong, I  have some really awesome Highheels which I adore and sometimes wear, but the rest is just flats, sneakers, ballerinas, old men shoes and boots. And this plateau/wedge fashion at the moment, totally not my thing. I don't wanna be a giant. That's why I finally ordered my boots which I was watching for the last few weeks. I'm so excited! New boots and I'm gettin my closet back! Just 23 days, and I'm going home. Wow.Can't wait to open the asos package and put these babys on in my new appartment.

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